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Abbott Rubber - Industrial
World class solutions in industrial hose and rubber products



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Hose for Industry
  Air & Multi-Purpose Hose
    Industrial Air & Water Hose
    Non-Conductive G/P Air & Water Hose
    Air & Multi-Purpose Hose
    PVC Air/Water/Spray Hose
    PVC Air/Water Hose
    Light Duty Multi-Purpose Hose
    Braided Cover Hose
    Push-On Hose
    500# Multi-Purpose Hose
    Fabric-Braid Air Hose
    Wire-Braid Air Hose
  Water Hose
    Rubber Water Suction Hose
    Corrugated PVC Water Suction Hose
    Clear Braid PVC Water Suction/Transfer Hose
    Royalflex® Water Suction Hose
    Industrial Water Hose
    Rubber Water Hose Assembly
    Plastic Water Hose Assembly
    Pressure Washer Hose Assembly
    Rubber Water Discharge Hose
    Wash-Down Hose
    Wire Braid Wash-Down Hose
    Paper Mill/Creamery Hose
    PVC Water Discharge Hose
    Heavy Duty PVC Water Discharge Hose
    Extra Heavy Duty PVC Water Discharge Hose
    Heavy-Duty Industrial Water Discharge Hose
    Heavy Duty Mill Discharge Hose
    Pin Rack Fire Hose Assemblies
    Industrial Fire Hose Assemblies
    Nitrile Rubber Fire Hose Assemblies
    Mine Spray Hose
    Furnace Door Hose
    PVC Pure Water Hose
    NSF Potable Water Hose
  Steam Hose
    250# Steam Hose
    250# Oil Resistant Steam Hose
    Non-Conductive Steam Hose
    100# Steam Cleaner Hose
  Food Hose
    Food Suction Hose
    Corrugated Food Suction Hose
    Food Discharge Hose
    PVC Milk & Food Hose
    Clear Braid FDA Suction/Transfer Hose
    Braided FDA Silicone Hose
    Hot Edible Oil Hose
    FDA Rubber Materials Handling Hose
    Clear PVC Food Handling Hose
    Clear Static Wire PVC Food Handling Hose
    Urethane Lined Clear PVC Food Handling Hose
  Petroleum Hose
    Oil Suction/Discharge Hose
    Corrugated Oil Suction/Discharge Hose
    Bio-Diesel Suction/Discharge Hose
    Fuel Oil Delivery Hose
    Softwall Gasoline Curb Pump Hose
    Hardwall Gasoline Curb Pump Hose
    Tank Truck Drop Hose
    Petroleum Vapor Recovery Hose
    Composite Petroleum Hose
  Acid & Chemical Hose
    Acid/Chemical Suction Hose
    High Temperature Acid/Chemical Suction Hose
    Teflon® Lined Acid/Chemical Suction Hose
    Viton® Acid Chemical Suction Hose
    Pure Gum Acid Discharge Hose
    PTFE Lined Stainless Steel Hose
    Convoluted PTFE Lined Stainless Steel Hose Assembly
    Composite Chemical Hose
  Vacuum & Materials Handling Hose
    Clear Braid Urethane Lined PVC Vacuum Hose
    Hi-Vac Plastic Vacuum Hose
    Flexible Metal Vacuum Hose - Lined
    Abrasion Resistant Suction Hose
    High Temp Abrasion Resistant Suction Hose
    Abrasion Resistant Blower Hose
    Rubber Industrial Vacuum Hose
    Plastic Vacuum Hose
    Commercial Plastic Vacuum Hose
    PVC Wire-Inserted Vacuum Hose
    Heavy Duty Air Transfer/Vacuum Hose
  Exhaust & Ventilation Hose
    General Purpose Air Handling Hose
    TPR Multi-Purpose Ducting Hose
    White FDA Ducting Hose
    High Temperature Air Handling Hose
    Silicone High Temperature Air Handling Hose
    Portable Cooling & Heating Hose
    Clear PVC Blower Hose
    Rubber Duct Blower Hose
    PVC Economy Air Handling Hose
    Clear Urethane Low-Temp Duct Hose
    Extreme Hi-Temperature Exhaust Hose
    Welding Exhaust Hose
    Interlocked Polypropylene Duct
    Garage Exhaust Hose
    Flexible Galvanized Exhaust Hose
    Flexible Stainless Steel Exhaust Hose
    Rubber Duct Cleaning Hose
    Insulation Blower Hose
  Special Purpose Hose
    Single-Line Welding Hose
    Twin Line Welding Hose
    Welding & Scarfing Hose
    Oxygen Charging Hose
    Paint Spray/Chemical Hose
    Airless Paint Spray Hose Assembly
    LPG Butane/Propane Hose
    LPG Unloading Hose
    Petroleum Dock Hose - Built in Flanges
    Dredge Sleeve
    Softwall Marine Exhaust Hose
  Automotive Hose
    Radiator Hose
    Radiator Hose - Wire-Inserted
    Silicone Radiator Hose
    Silicone Radiator Hose - Wire-Inserted
    Heater Hose
    Heavy Duty Heater Hose
    Silicone Heater Hose
    Signal Bell Tubing
    SAE J1037 Windshield Wiper Tubing
    SAE J30R7 Fuel Line Hose
    SAE J30R9 Fuel Injection Hose
    Transmission Oil Cooler Hose
    SAE J189 Power Steering Return Hose
    SAE J1402A Air Brake Hose
  Rubber & Plastic Tubing
    Neoprene Tubing
    Norprene® Elastomer Tubing
    Viton® Tubing
    Latex Tubing
    Pure Gum Tubing - Wrapped
    Pure Gum Tubing - Extruded
    Silicone Tubing
    Teflon® Lined PVC Tubing
    LLDPE Polyethylene Tubing
    Nylon Tubing
    Hytrel® Air Brake Tubing
    PVDF Kynar® Tubing
    PFA Fluoropolymer Tubing
    FEP Fluoropolymer Tubing
    Polyurethane Tubing
    Braided Polyurethane Tubing
    Clear PVC Braided Tubing
    Heavy Wall Clear PVC Braided Tubing
    Clear PVC Vacuum Tubing Wire-Inserted
    Heavy Wall Vacuum Tubing Wire-Inserted
    Clear PVC Tubing
    Laboratory Grade PVC Tubing
    Polypropylene Tubing
  Flexible Metal Hose
    Stainless Steel Flexible Metal Hose
    Stainless Steel Flexible Connectors
  Hydraulic Hose
    SAE 100R1AT One Wire-Braid Hose
    SAE 100R2AT Two Wire-Braid Hose
    SAE 100R16 Two Wire-Braid Hose
    SAE 100R17 Wire-Braid Hose
    SAE 100R12 4-Spiral Hose
    SAE 100R13 4-Spiral Hose
    SAE 100R6 1-Braid Hose
    SAE 100R3 2-Braid Hose
    Thermoplastic SAE 100R7 Hose
    Non-Conductive Thermoplastic SAE 100R7 Hose
    Thermoplastic SAE 100R8 Hose
    SAE 100R4 Suction Hose
  Rubber Expansion Joints
    Flanged Single Arch Expansion Joint
    Flanged Double Arch Expansion Joint
    Threaded Double Arch Expansion Joint

Hydraulic Hose

Contractor’s Hose & Accessories
  Rubber & PVC Suction Hose
    PVC Water Suction Hose & Assemblies
    All Weather Water Suction Hose & Assemblies
    Crushproof Water Suction Hose & Assemblies
    Rubber Water Suction Hose & Assemblies
    Clear Braid PVC Suction Hose & Assemblies
    Abrasion Resistant Suction Hose & Assemblies
  Rubber & PVC Discharge Hose
    PVC Blue Water Discharge Hose & Assemblies
    Contractors Green PVC Water Discharge Hose & Assemblies
    Heavy Duty Red PVC Water Discharge Hose & Assemblies
    Extra Heavy Duty Yellow PVC Water Discharge Hose & Assemblies
    Light Duty Mill Discharge Hose & Assemblies
    Heavy Duty Mill Discharge Hose & Assemblies
    Double Jacket Mill Discharge Hose & Assemblies
    Rubber Water Discharge Hose
    Industrial Discharge Hose
    Rubber Water Hose Assembly
  Contractor’s Hose & Accessories - Continued
  Water Hose
    Rubber Water Hose Assembly
    Plastic Garden & Water Hose Assemblies
  Contractor’s Hose Kits
    PVC Water Suction Hose Kit
    All-Weather Water Suction Hose Kit
    Rubber Water Suction Hose Kit
    Hose Whip & Lubricator Kit
  Rubber & PVC Air Hose
    PVC Air Tool Hose & Assemblies
    Industrial Air and Water Hose & Assemblies
    Oil Resistant General Purpose Air Hose & Assemblies
    Low Temperature Air Hose Assemblies
    Jack Hammer Air Hose & Assemblies
    Wire-Braid Jack Hammer Air Hose & Assemblies
    Lay Flat Jack Hammer Air Hose & Assemblies
    Air Hose Whip Assemblies
    Push On Hose and Fittings
    Multi-Purpose Yellow 500# Hose
    Fabric Braid Yellow Air Hose
    Wire-Braid Yellow Air Hose & Assemblies
  Special Purpose Hose
    Pressure Washer Hose Assemblies
    Steam Cleaner Hose Assemblies
    Sand Blast Hose & Couplings
    Plaster and Grout Hose & Assemblies
    Gunite Hose & Assemblies
    Plastic Vacuum Hose
    Twin Welding Hose Assemblies
    Ventilation & Blower Hose
    Airless Paint Spray Hose Assemblies
    LPG Butane Propane Hose & Assemblies
    Natural Gas Portable Heater Hose & Assemblies
    Urethane Water & Slurry Transfer Hose
    Hot Tar & Asphalt Hose
    Elephant Trunk Hose
    Hot Air Blower Hose
    Dry Materials/Cement Discharge Hose
    High Pressure Water Blast Hose
  Grass & Leaf Vacuum Hose
    Concrete Dust Collection Hose w /Wire
    Heavy Duty Rubber Grass & Leaf Vacuum Hose
    Thermoplastic Rubber Grass & Leaf Vacuum Hose
    Polypropylene Blend Grass & Leaf Vacuum Hose
  Couplings & Accessories
    Air Hose Couplings & Accessories
      Universal Hose Couplings
      Universal Gaskets
      Three-Way Connection
      Compressor Y
      Dual Y Valve
      In-Line Lubricators
      Excess Air Flow Valves
      Safety Whip-Check Cables
      ASME Air Receiver Manifold
      Brass Fittings
      Brass Ferrules
      Crimping Tools
      Industrial Quick-Disconnect Couplings
      Quick-Disconnect Set & Add-On
      Bent Stem Swivels
      Air Tool Lubricant
      Anti-Freeze Lubricant
      Polyurethane Recoil Air Hose Assembly
      Nylon Recoil Air Hose Assembly
      Brass Hex Reducer Bushing
      Ball Swivel
      Air Tool Swivel
      Brass In-Line Swivel
      Safety Blow Gun
      Female Air Chuck
      Brass Hex Nipples
      Ground Joint Type Couplings
      O-Ring Kit
      Airline Filters
      Brass Valves
    Water Hose Couplings & Accessories
      Quick Couplings - Aluminum
      Suction Hose Couplings
      Spanner Wrenches
      Rubber Washers
      Iron Foot Valve with Strainer
      Pressure Washer Quick-Disconnects
      Ball & Socket Couplings - Galvanized
      Combination Hose Nipples
      Steel Hose Menders
      Brass Menders
      Steel Close Nipples
      150# Steel Flanges
      Brass Hydrant Adapters
      Adjustable Hose Nozzles
      Brass Adjustable Garden Hose Nozzle
      Adjustable Hydrant Wrench
      Heavy Duty T-Bolt Clamps
      Water Hose Couplings
      Water Hose Washers
      Female to Male Hex Nipple
      Male to Male Hex Nipple
    Sand Blast Hose Couplings & Accessories
      Sand Blast Couplings
      Sand Blast Nozzle Holder
      Sand Blast Hose Gaskets
      Hose Safety Clips
    Pipe Fittings
      90° Street Elbow
      90° Elbow
      Threaded Coupling
      Female Tee
      Reducer Bushing
      Square Head Plug
    Hose Clamping Systems
      Band-It Clamps - Preformed
      Center Punch Clamps - Preformed
      Band-It Tools
      Stainless Steel Band-It Band & Buckles
      Center Punch Tools
      Center Punch Mallet
      Rubber Tie-Down Straps
  Hydraulic Hose Assemblies
    SAE 100R1AT - One Wire Braid Hose Assembly
    SAE 100R16 - Two Wire Braid Hose Assembly
    SAE 100R12 - Four Spiral Hose Assembly
    SAE 100R4 - Hydraulic Suction Hose Assembly
    Universal Truck/Fleet/Multi-Purpose Hose
  Hydraulic Hose Accessories
    Hydraulic Hose Crimper
    Hydraulic Quick-Couplings Industrial Series
    Hydraulic Quick-Couplings Flush Face Series
    Hydraulic O-Ring Kit
    Protective Hose Sleeving
    Hydraulic Oil
    Thread Sealant
  Market Representatives

Liquid Waste Hose & Accessories

Agricultural Hose & Assemblies
  PVC Water Suction & Transfer Hose
  PVC Water Suction & Transfer Hose Assemblies
  EPDM Rubber & Plastic Fertilizer Solution Hose
  EPDM Rubber Fertilizer Solution Hose
  PVC Pump Discharge Hose
  PVC Pump Discharge Hose Assemblies
  Heavy Duty PVC Pump Discharge Hose
  Fertilizer Solution Pump Suction/Transfer Hose Kit
  Water Pump Suction/Transfer Hose Kit
  EVA Plastic Applicator Tubing
  Braid Reinforced EVA Plastic Applicator Tubing
  Clear PVC Vinyl Tubing
  EPDM Agricultural Spray Hose
  Farm Fuel Transfer Hose Assemblies
  Air Tool Hose Assemblies
  600# & 800# Agricultural Spray Hose
  High Pressure Hydraulic Hose Assemblies
  Aluminum & Polypropylene Agricultural Hose Couplings
    'A' Adapter x Female NPT
    'B' Coupler x Male NPT
    'C' Coupler x Hose Shank
    'D' Coupler x Female NPT
    'E' Adapter x Hose Shank
    'F' Adapter x Male NPT
    'DC' Dust Cap
    'DP' Dust Plug
    'SU' Pin-Lug Coupling - Set
    'CN' Combination Hose Nipple
  Agricultural Valves and Hose Accessories
    Brass Ball Valve
    Bolted Poly Full Port Ball Valve
    Single Union Poly Valve
    Poly Nozzle Ball Valve
    Steel Strainer
    Rubber Washer
    Rubber Gasket
    T-Bolt Clamp
    Spanner Wrench
    Punch-Lock Clamp Tool
    Punch-Lock Clamp

Appliance Hose & Assemblies

Fire Hose & Assemblies

Vacuum Hose
  Urethane Grass & Leaf Vacuum Hose w/ Steel Wire Helix
  Urethane Grass & Leaf Vacuum Hose w/ Plastic Helix
  Thermoplastic Rubber Grass & Leaf Vacuum Hose
  Polypropylene Grass & Leaf Vacuum Hose
  Heavy Duty Rubber Grass & Leaf Vacuum Hose
  Medium Duty Rubber Grass & Leaf Vacuum Hose
  Rubber Duct Blower Hose
  Clear PVC Blower Hose
  PVC Mulch & Bark Transfer Hose
  Hydro-Seeder Hose & Assemblies

Industrial Rubber Works Division

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