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Abbott Rubber
Abbott Rubber

A new service that ABBOTT RUBBER COMPANY now offers is the repair and testing of Industrial and Municipal Fire Hose. We take the customer’s fire hose and test for leaks and coupling repairs. A quote is then prepared before the repair work is started. Many times, the customer’s fire hose couplings can be re-installed. Once approved, the necessary repairs are done and re-tested to the required service test pressure. The couplings are then engraved with a lot number. A complete log of all fire hose repairs is kept in our computer for future reference. If necessary, ABBOTT RUBBER COMPANY can supply Industrial and Municipal Fire Hose Assemblies to most required specifications.

Markets Served

Original Equipment Manufacturers, Distribution & Plant Maintenance
High Pressure Hose Assemblies for Industry
Hose and Assemblies for the Contractor Supply & Rental Market
Hose and Assemblies for Septic & Liquid Waste Transfer
Hose & Assemblies for the Agricultural Industry
Hose and Assemblies for the Appliance Market
Industrial & Municipal Fire Hose & Repair
Hose for Grass, Leaf & Dust Collection
Sheet Rubber, Gaskets and Engineered Rubber Products


  • Single Jacket Fire Hose
  • Double Jacket Fire Hose
  • Rubber Covered Fire Hose
  • Attack Hose
  • Supply Hose
  • PVC Mine Fire Hose
  • Booster Hose
  • Soft Suction Hose

  • UL and NFPA Fire Hose Specifications
  • Hydrant Adapters
  • Hydrant Wrenches
  • Hydrant Valves
  • Aluminum and Brass Fire Hose Couplings
  • Threaded and Storz Style Couplings
  • Fire Hose Nozzles

Appliance Hose and Assemblies
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Rubber, Jacketed and PVC Hose & Assemblies for Fire Applications

Single Double Jacket Industrial Mill Attack Fire Hose Assemblies UL NFPA rubber covered supply pvc booster soft suction hydrant brass couplings nozzles test testing repair
Abbott Rubber is an industry leader in the fabrication and distribution of fire hose and assemblies.